Monday, April 1, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 6 (Air)

I began today by focusing on my breathing upon waking, and fell back to sleep LOL. Yes, still struggling with this one. Either I jump out of bed forgetting to breathe, or I do like I did this morning. After rising and getting ready for work, I took a few minutes to relax and read Day 6 in Soul Coaching. Does this count towards reading something inspirational?  I think so :-)

"I am safe and centered no matter where I am"

Take time to relax; listen to soothing music, read inspirational poetry or books, take a walk. Breathe.

Empty Your Mind & Breathe- take 15 minutes to meditate, clearing my mind and focus on my breathing. I did this at lunch time when I had the office all by myself for a few minutes... without the dog LOL I only managed 10 then found myself saying: "I release clutter. I am an organized person. I welcome more tidiness into my life."

Schedule Time to Relax- examine my life's schedule and determine how much time I allow myself to relax, enjoy family, and do something fun. Actually, I allow myself to relax and have fun pretty regularly, so yay for me!  My weekends are my days off and my ME time. I spend those days sleeping in, doing art work, watching Netflix and/or reading. I also take time out for art work in the evenings a couple of times during the week, as well as watching Netflix, or read, or catching up on the puter. When I'm not working, I'm relaxing. In fact, I could use more discipline in my life to do my chores, that's where I'm lacking!

hmm this reminds me of someone...
                          I said, discipline!

Clear Anything Representing Mental Clutter- choose one area that will symbolically have the most impact on your life and clear out old cluttered files (physical or electronic), including old Christmas cards, letters, coupons, etc, and affirm: "I am opening space within myself for remarkable mental clarity and focus" and "With everything I release, more energy, love and abundance comes my way." So I scheduled time this evening to muck out my bedroom some more. My bedroom is my sanctuary, but how can I truly relax there when paperwork covers every hard surface, and my art supplies are scattered all over the floor (again).

I liked this and thought I'd share :)

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