Sunday, April 21, 2013

Soul Coaching Days 24-26

Friday was my errand and chore day. I was suppose to be aware of my body and what messages my body may be putting out about me, a well as act out how I wanted to feel this day, but as I rushed through my chores and errands, these exercises were not included in my day. Afterwards it was time for relaxation, which happened to be Step 3, so this at least, was accomplished.

Saturday was a lazy day; I slept in late and didn't accomplish anything, including reading Soul Coaching. If I had managed to read it, I might have found some enjoyable nature focused things to do, but my laziness was all I was focused on. This day was suppose to be about awakening nature within myself.

Sunday was another lazy day as well as a low energy day, and a doozy of a headache. I felt blah... perhaps the result of entertaining too much sleep and a whole lot of nothing. This day was about ways to bring nature inside my home as well as completing a Soul Altar.

Although I did not collect anything new of nature to bring inside, my house already has many items of nature: stones and crystals, feathers, pieces of wood, petrified wood, a lava rock, a rock from my yard that I painted, dried flowers and petals, etc.

My Soul Altar includes the following: a photo of my parents, my Mom's fairy lamps, various crystals and stones a clamshell, the abundance collage I created featuring my family, a watercolor of the ocean I painted, a postcard of a wolf, a pine cone, a glass container holding feathers, a glass cat, Kwan Yin (goddess) and a happy Budha (god), a candle and a bottle of my Mom's ambergis oil perfume that you can smell just standing next to it.

I'm happy with my Soul Altar...this weekend wasn't a total waste  :-)

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