Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 21(Fire)

"Incredible life force flows through my being "

Today is the last day of Fire and activities are based on one of my favorite things... getting creative!

Feelings in Color
Today I have a combination of feelings:

  • Bored, because it's a slow day at the office  
  • Sadness for Boston
  • Happy and feeling creative. 

So, I got the highlighters and markers out and created something to represent Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and this is the result...
Spiritual Flow
Using 3 pieces of paper, music to set the energy, make three doodles: 1 drawing with my right hand; 1 drawing with my left hand, and 1 drawing with both hands. Luckily I can listen to iheartradio at my desk while working.

Coloring with my left hand was a bit challenging, but using both hands at the same time was really tricky!!  I like how the two-handed one came out; turned at an angle, it reminds me of the goddess!

The other part of this activity, is to hold my hand over each piece, close my eyes and ask what message my souls has for me. When I did this, I received one worded answers that popped into my head.

Right Hand= Thrive

Left Hand= Peace

Both Hands= Spirituality

Stoking the Fire
Create a collage that makes you feel abundant every time you look at it.

I absolutely LOVED this creative day!!!

My collage...

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