Saturday, April 6, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 11 (Water)

"I am loved and loveable." "I love deeply and fully, and I am beloved deeply and fully."

Clean one area and focus on an affirmation such as: "As I clean I am opening a space for new opportunities to flow my way." Oh goody, more cleaning (said with sarcasm) LOL, but I'm committed to this 28 day program, so if the author says clean, I'm cleaning.

How Do You Relate to the World? Notice any repeated emotional patterns, and release them through affirmations: "I am willing to release this pattern of _________ and accept that I am safe and protected." (or whatever you would like to affirm).
I am willing to release the pattern of worrying and stewing. I accept that I am safe and protected.

Reoccurring Relationship Patterns (questionnaire)
1. As I mentioned in a previous post, I tend to choose the abusive type, but I put an end to any repeats be
    vowing to remain single.
2. It's hard to say if it has healed, as I'm not willing to risk giving anyone a chance.
3. If there was something I could do to heal or resolve that relationship pattern, what might it be? I've already
    resolved it, in my opinion.
4. What qualities do I judge in others? I have no patience for cheaters, liars, loud obnoxious, rude people,
     and drunks. Probably because of my experiences with abusive/alcoholics.
5. What do I need to communicate and to whom? I communicate just fine. In fact I'm learning to curb my
    tongue. There are times when it is best to bite it (my tongue that is!)
6. Is there anyone I need to ask forgiveness from or to thank? No, I'm quick to apologize for my wrong
    doings and to thank where thanks are due.
7. Is there anyone in my life I need to express love toward? I express my love daily via words and actions.
8. Is there anyone for which I need to make amends? If so, what is stopping me? No and no LOL
9. This  question does not apply to me. I believe in honesty.
10.  I really need t forgive the past AH's but I'm afraid that if I forgive them, I might open myself to future
       such relationships, and I don't want to go there, so I hang onto the hurt and bitterness.
11. Am I willing to let go of having to be right? Yes, you have to pick your battles.
12. Do I unconditionally accept, with humor and love, all of my relationship patterns? Not quite yet.
13. Am I willing to release the need of those patterns? Yes.

Relationship with Parents and the Creator (questionnaire)
Wow, this is a tough one being as I am still grieving from losing my Mom. I became emotional just typing the questions! Now I have to go back and answer them...
1. I don't know about my birth father, because he seemed to be the first abusive man in my life, the first of
    several, and the beginning of the pattern. I'm not sure what the purpose for choosing him before birth
    would be. As for my Mom, I chose her for the depth of her ability to love, to love unconditionally, and for
    her belief that family is everything and we stick together no matter what. (tears are
    flowing now). My Dad, the man that married Mom when I was 10, and eventually legally adopted me and
    my sister, was the best thing that ever happened to the three of us. I did not chose him, but I am so
    blessed that he came into our lives.
2. How do I feel about them? I had the best parents, and I miss them so much!
3. How do I perceive what they feel about me? I knew they loved me for they told me everyday, they came
    to my rescue countless times, and supported me in so many ways.
4. Is love flowing between me and my parents? If not, do I feel the need to heal this relationship, and what
     do I need to do to make that happen? Tons of love, even though they are no physically here anymore.
5. Beliefs about life have I adopted from my parents:  (1) Family is the most important thing in life and should
    be treasured (2) Always be there for your family (3) Be honest (4) You have to keep going, even when its
    rough (5) Be responsible (6) Be strong. Yes, these things accurately reflect my beliefs and remain part of
    my beliefs.
7.  From who, what, and where did I get my spiritual inspiration? Well, my beliefs didn't come from my
     parents or my family, that's for sure; they didn't have a spiritual affinity. My spirituality came from the
     Divine... the God and Goddess.
8. What is my name for the Creator? God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, the Divine.
9. What do I want Spirit to know about me? Spirit knows everything about me already :)
10. If I have conditions for Spirit in my life, what are they? No conditions. How do you put conditions on
11. Am I willing to completely let go and allow Spirit to guide my life? Yes.

...Wow, those were tough, and Water flowed.

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