Friday, April 12, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 17 (Fire)

"I unconditionally accept all parts of myself."

Today was a go, go, go day. I was running around taking care of errands for the first couple of hours after waking. Once I got all that done, I had to prepare for a stay over. My grandkids want to stay the night with their Grammy tonight. So I've got to work in my Soul Coaching before they arrive...

Replacing "Could" for "Should"
(1) I should delete all my emails as I read them. I could delete my emails as I rad them, but I choose not to at this time.
(2) I should do a serious house cleaning. I could do a serious house cleaning but I choose not to at this time. Today was minor cleaning.
(3) I should take up the leaves. I could rake up the leaves but I choose not to at this time.

Letting the Skeletons Out Of The Closet
I actually have no secrets, believe it or not. I'm an open book and have no problems sharing my past... I'm not that person anymore, and if my experiences can help someone, or help me by purging, then I'm all for it.
Now, I've got to take care of some things before the kids arrive. They will arrive after dinner. It's going to be a night of playtime and cartoons Lol.


  1. I LOVE the exercise of changing out "should" for "could" - that is my new project now. Thanks!

    I think there is only one secret I have that no one knows about. But you know, I'm a work in progress. It's something I'm working on ...with lime. (Both the chemical and the daiquiri!)

    1. We are all a work in progress, Rue :)