Monday, April 15, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 20 (Fire)

"I am a loving spiritual being."

Today is about finding ways to be a silent ray of sunshine in someone's life by spreading Light via visualization, and good deeds.

Wings of Light
Visualize yourself with wings of Light, and wrap them around someone in need.

Wings of Kindness
Commit a random act of kindness.

Wings of Impact
Empower, support, inspire, or contribute to someone.

Well, being as it was a 10 hour work day for me, I wasn't able to do any of these things. By the time I got home, cooked, ate, and cleaned up... I was done out for the day, but that's ok. The author says not to be hard on myself if I can't/don't do all the steps, so I'm not going to put myself on a guilt trip for skipping a day.

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