Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 12 (Water)

"At the center of my being there is always stillness and peace."

Today was about being still, and listening to my soul, and for any messages throughout the day. Unfortunately  today (the entire weekend) was full of drama, including suicide threats. My oldest son and his wife split, possibly for the final time, and it has become a tug-a-war for the kids. It has been very emotional for me, and I was quite concerned for my daughter-in-law who was talking suicide. I'm emotionally wiped out. 

I didn't find that "stillness in the center of the cyclone" today, but I did complete Level 1, Level 3, and the exercise listed above; however I had the shakes too bad to hold a glass of water in my hands until the water became completely still.

Go Slow- I chose to go outside for a few minutes and just sit. I enjoyed my quiet time in between chaos.

Watch for Signs- I didn't get a chance to do this today; it was just too chaotic. However fear of my financial situation crept back in today. I'm scared and realize I need to do some more affirmations to combat the fear. I'm also looking for a second job (part time) but I'm worried my back won't be able to handle it.

Do Nothing- Take at least an hour to do nothing. In the evening I sat and vegged in my living room, staring out my screen door, and did nothing but enjoy the cool air entering the house and listening the the sounds of the birds as the sun slowly set... however I didn't last an hour.

I feel completely drained.

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