Saturday, April 13, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 18 (Fire)

"I invite the pure light of the Sun into my heart. May it shine from my heart to the world."

Light a candle and inhale the Spirit and Life Force of Fire. Visualize it surging through your entire being as purifying energy fills your entire body, burning away all your impurities.

Living in the Present
Today was mostly a "veg" day for me. After the kids went home, I took a nap and have just been sitting here on the couch ever since, trying to get motivated to go grocery shopping. I haven't found myself thinking about anything much except for Today, but should I catch myself thinking any thoughts about the past or the future, I am prepared to stop myself and say the recommended affirmation:
"I cannot change the past, and the future is not here. All I need is what's within me this present moment."

Trust and Faith
I was to take a few minutes to visualize sitting on a quiet seashore while an angel with golden wings wraps her wings around me, rocking and holding me, while I completely surrender to the feeling of love. Afterwards I am to note my feelings: Relaxed and safe.

Yes to Life
Today was such an uneventful day, saying: "Yes, this is exactly what I want right now." was way to easy. As I sit here typing this, my screen door is open. I can hear vehicles drive by, children laughing and playing, people talking as they walk by, the neighbors talking and laughing, and the soothing sounds of the birds singing, the windchime's music in the breeze, and the rustling of leaves as the breeze blows the trees. The breeze is almost chilly as it comes through the door, and it smells of fresh Spring air and an occasional whiff of someone cooking on a grill. I love quiet peaceful moments like this; they remind me that I am blessed and life is good.

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