Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 28 (Earth)

Alas, today my Soul Coaching journey comes to an end. It's been fun, emotional, and sometimes tiring, but it's been a good journey and has manifested insights, as was the purpose. Perhaps I will repeat it someday.

"I give love deeply and fully.
I receive love deeply and fully.
My essence is love."

As you can gather from the above affirmation, today is about love... loving myself, loving life, and loving each experience that comes my way, for everything happens for a reason and for my highest good, even the hard times and the ones that hurt. The trick is to accept the experiences and know deep within, that everything will be okay, that I will remain safe and cared for, and that I am not alone in my journey; the Universe and the Divine are always with me guiding me through each step, no matter how scary or painful it may be. I need to remember to just breathe and focus on peace, knowing I am safe.

I began this day with a brief meditation exercise prior to leaving for another day of work. It was a visualization exercise which began with a clear Spring morning and a bright blue sky. I visualized being outside looking into the that beautiful clear blue sky and breathing in the fresh Spring air. From there I visualized myself inside a stone circle which vibrated and glowed with love and healing. The stone circle was surrounded by beings of pure Light who sent their Light to illuminate me until I too was glowing with Light, and had a glowing ball emanating from the region of my heart, like a mini sun. The Light surrounded my being as well as filled my entire body.

Today I was to imagine myself sending my Light to others throughout the day, but honestly, it was extremely busy most the day; at some points I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off. I did however get a few quite minutes in the afternoon to visualize myself doing just that. Whew! I thought I wasn't going to get a chance to practice this one today, and I had some problems concentrating and holding the visualization for very long, but but mission accomplished, although brief.  

Earth has been my favorite week of this program, although I also enjoyed the creativity of Fire...hmm maybe it's more of a tie LOL . Air week was too much cleaning for this girl, and Water was much too emotional. 

Setting up an altar for each Element was also a fun activity. I'm not sure which of the altars was my favorite, perhaps my abundance altar, as it incorporated a little bit of everything that I hold dear.

Well, for those of you that followed my journey, I hope you you enjoyed it, or at the very least were inspired to try some similar exercises, and maybe it even compelled you to purchase the book yourself?  It's a great read, as well as experience; I highly recommend it.

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