Friday, May 3, 2013

Panic Attacks

Ever since Mom passed away, I have been experiencing panic attacks, and lately they have been increasing in frequency, and I'm not liking them one bit; they are awful. I'm currently looking for affirmations and coping methods to help. Tonight I came across some articles: 

How to Stop a Panic Attack, the practice of telling your body that it has 20 seconds to complete a full blown panic attack, and no more. Interesting concept.

3 Self Help Methods to Stop Panic Attacks which instructs you to do the following during a panic attack: (1) Listen to your thoughts (2) Practice Relaxation Methods, (3) Consider Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognative Behavior Therapy for Anxiety which says if you change your thoughts, you change your life... in essence, changing your thinking patterns. Through further reading and watching videos on youtube, I learned that CBT  is thinking rationally in the present time by recognizing your irrational self defeating thoughts or beliefs, and changing them to more positive rational thoughts... changing your perspective, also known as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy.

After watching this video the viewer is directed to check out the links below the video, one of which lead to a self help UK website which provides downloadable resources, including a 7-step self help course, MP3 downloads, and printable worksheets, etc. Click Here to visit the page.

Tonight's searching has lead me to interesting information; it has given me something to think about, and some new coping methods to try.  I don't know about you, but I'm glad I felt compelled to do a bit of research tonight, and now it's time to say goodnight, but before I go,  I thought I would share some humor and an affirmation.

Some Humor...


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