Monday, May 27, 2013

Are You Burdened, or Are You Blessed?

Today was discouraging to say the least, but I'm going to do my best to end my day with positive thoughts by counting my blessings. It always helps to turn the ugly depressing thoughts around by remembering everything that I am grateful for... the big things as well as the little things like today's cooler weather, and the adorable feral kittens I spotted curled up in a kitten pile, snoozing in the yard. 

Doing an inventory of everything you are grateful for, leads to the discovery of the many things you take for granted every day. Think about these...

Count your blessings, and you will find that your blessings far exceed your burdens. Isn't it so much nicer to end your day knowing how blessed you truly are? 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Victim or Victorious

"Every struggle, whether won or lost, strengthens us for the next to come. It is not good for people to have an easy life. They become weak and inefficient when they cease to struggle. some need a series of defeats before developing the strength and courage to win a victory."

Chief of the Chihenne band of Chiricahua Apaches

I recently shared this quote on facebook, which resulted in a few comments, one of which was:

"True in theory, but constant struggle wears me down."  

My response to that was, "Maybe that's why things come in phases."  It was at that moment that I had one of those Ah ha moments, and something just clicked.

Think about it for a minute... have you ever noticed that struggles seem to bombard you all at once, overwhelming you for a time, and then followed by periods of calm, kind of like the peace after the storm? Perhaps it is a part of the grand scheme of things.

I believe we are here for a divine purpose and that life's hurdles and road blocks are presented to us to strengthen and mold us into the person we are destined to be in order to accomplish that purpose. We may not understand it at the time, but each challenge makes us stronger, wiser, and prepares us for the next.

In between our lessons, we are gifted with periods of calm. The length of time of these calm periods vary, and give us time to reflect on what we have learned, to count our blessings, to rejoice in life, and to give us the rest we need in between life's challenges.

It is a cycle that repeats until our divine purpose is fulfilled. Don't let this thought overwhelm you; this cycle is life. Yes, it can be painful and overwhelming at times, but it can also be beautiful, and full of blessings. You will experience times when life is unbearably difficult, but you will also have times when life is amazing. Remember, you can't have a rainbow without the storm :)

Don't let life make you a victim; rise above your challenges and be victorious!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Things

I will not go into detail about my struggles, but I will say I have been struggling and like so many people these days, experiencing much fear regarding finances. We are living in difficult and scary times, and although circumstances might knock me down...

I REFUSE to to stay down!

I have been doing everything I can think of, from selling my artwork to looking for additional employment, praying for help, and trying like hell to fight the negative thoughts that are constantly flowing through my consciousness daily. 

I remind myself that I must stay positive, for my thoughts have power and reflect upon my life experience. My thoughts CREATE my experience. If I want more Positive, I must put more Positive out into the Universe. Like begets Like; my thoughts are a magnet that attracts more of what I think. If I think negative, I get negative in return, and vice-versa, and I am determined to to make this work in my favor. 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Direct Your Sails!


Are the Captain
of your 


for your words, thoughts, and actions;

Re-adjust your sails 
to enable 
you to move IN the 
Direction you WANT to   

I just love this! Don't you? What a powerful and positive message! When you read the above statement, did you automatically put your thinking cap on?  I did! I thought to myself: 
"What can I do to adjust my sails so that I can improve my life?"           

Friday, May 3, 2013

Panic Attacks

Ever since Mom passed away, I have been experiencing panic attacks, and lately they have been increasing in frequency, and I'm not liking them one bit; they are awful. I'm currently looking for affirmations and coping methods to help. Tonight I came across some articles: 

How to Stop a Panic Attack, the practice of telling your body that it has 20 seconds to complete a full blown panic attack, and no more. Interesting concept.

3 Self Help Methods to Stop Panic Attacks which instructs you to do the following during a panic attack: (1) Listen to your thoughts (2) Practice Relaxation Methods, (3) Consider Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognative Behavior Therapy for Anxiety which says if you change your thoughts, you change your life... in essence, changing your thinking patterns. Through further reading and watching videos on youtube, I learned that CBT  is thinking rationally in the present time by recognizing your irrational self defeating thoughts or beliefs, and changing them to more positive rational thoughts... changing your perspective, also known as Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy.

After watching this video the viewer is directed to check out the links below the video, one of which lead to a self help UK website which provides downloadable resources, including a 7-step self help course, MP3 downloads, and printable worksheets, etc. Click Here to visit the page.

Tonight's searching has lead me to interesting information; it has given me something to think about, and some new coping methods to try.  I don't know about you, but I'm glad I felt compelled to do a bit of research tonight, and now it's time to say goodnight, but before I go,  I thought I would share some humor and an affirmation.

Some Humor...