Friday, April 5, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 10 (Water)

"I am moving into harmony with everyone and everything in the universe."

Today I am suppose to notice all the people and places I come into contact with, note my energy levels to pinpoint any energy zappers and energy lifters, and write them down.

 Zappers-  I didn't go to very hasn't places today (dealing with another headache) and I didn't come into contact with very many people. However, I did notice the following:
 (1) My adult son cussing at the computer/video game/players
 (2) Waiting in line at the bank. It was a long wait.
 (3) Grumpy people/fighting neighbors
 (4) Dirty house
 (5) Hot environment (bleck)

Lifters-  My lifters are:
 (1) The birds singing
 (2) Loving/playing with the cats
 (3) My tunes
 (4) Incense/scented candle
 (5) Bath with essential oil and candles
 (6) Family time (a rarity)
 (7) Visiting with friends (rarity)
 (8) Thunderstorms, love them
 (9) Fresh air
(10) Artwork

Eliminate One Zapper and Increase One Lifter-  I can't necessarily eliminate my zappers #1 and #3, but I can easily counteract them by increasing a Lifter i.e. my tunes, incense/scented candle, a soak in the tub, or just by getting out of the house for awhile. Eliminating zapper #4 is easily enough, just a bit of cleaning, accompanied by my tunes and some incense (or lighting a scented candle), does the trick quite nicely. Today, I chose I chose renting movies to watch, so I visited my local Red Box  :-)


  1. I want to say thanks again for sharing this. I've enjoyed reading through each post!

    1. I'm so glad! ... and thank you :)