Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 22 (Earth)

"I am one with the Earth. I am one with my body."

(image found on the internet)

Body Assessment
Today us the first day of Earth and it's all about connecting with my physical body, and I have to say... the Body Assessment questions made me grumpy. It just re-emphasized what I am already very conscious of and struggling with daily, and answering the questions was like getting my nose rubbed into it.

To continue eating at least semi-healthy and try to cut back more on the sugar. I have been craving chocolate and indulging too often.

Talking with My Body
Starting from your toes, visualize and talk to each body part and ask each I fit has a message for me. Honestly.. I did not complete this activity.

My Earth Altar
My wolf figurine is currently decorating my desk at work, so I substituted with a stuffed wolf beany baby. Other items include a piece of branch, a painted rock that I painted for the element Earth, turquoise and hematite, a woodsy candle holder, and my contract.

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