Sunday, April 14, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 15 (Fire)

"I Am Safe"

Be aware of forms of Fire in your life and imagine breathing in the energy of the Sun.

Acknowledging Fears
My fears include: spiders, heights, being homeless, losing my family, public speaking, being permanently in a wheelchair, tests, and that if I enter my artwork into the County Fair or put it up for sale it will deemed as not good enough. (I have test anxiety, and arachnophobia).

Take A Risk
Take small steps to facing your fears. Um, hmm...I will have to think on this. Maybe I can stand on the top of the bleachers, at the railing, looking down until I feel more comfortable. I can't do that today though, but it's an idea for another day.

Take Action
Take a risk. Actually, I am already working on this. For years I've always argued that my artwork was not good enough to sell or display, but I recently made the decision to put my art out into the world, in an etsy shop online and I just listed them on ebay as well. I'm getting positive feedback but no actual sales yet. However I have had two offers from friends, but those sales are pending payment... so not sold yet. I'm also considering entering something for the next County Fair in September :)

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