Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 7 (Air)

Last night I finished my contract. I took what I had written down on Day 1, and re-wrote it on a piece of watercolor paper with marker, then drew over and around my words, then colored it with colored pencils. It now adorns my Soul Coaching Altar, currently dedicated to Air, but tomorrow that changes. Today is the last day of Air; tomorrow we begin Water.

This morning began with me jumping out of bed and forgetting to breathe, again LOL but after I was finished getting ready for work, I took a few minutes to rectify that, then read Day 7 in Soul Coaching.

"Who I am is enough"

Watch for signs throughout the day, such as coincidences and synchronicites, 
and with each event, ask yourself, " If this event had a message, what would it be?"

Why Am I Here? Today I am to ask what is my purpose and listen/watch for messages throughout the day. Watch for a reoccurring theme... something that keeps repeating in conversations, on the radio or TV, maybe even billboards, or maybe the answer will pop into my head. The author said it could be instantaneous, or it could take hours to get my answer. She also said that I would know it was the correct answer when it resonates within me. So, before leaving the house this morning, I asked out loud to Spirit, the angels, and the Divine, "Why am I here? What is my purpose in this life?"  I continued to ask the question throughout the first half of my day, and I kept hearing this voice in my head saying, "happiness."  Could this be my purpose? It makes sense, being as I have struggled with life and depression since childhood, and this thought reminded me of the poem I wrote back in 2008.

I Am
I am a "Late Bloomer"
I am a "Seeker"
I am a "Survivor"
I came into this world lost and angry
Wandering aimlessly
Feeling alone & misunderstood; an outcast.
I was confused, trying to find my place in this world
Questioning my purpose
Finding no hope
Seeing nothing but darkness
I wanted to capitulate to the despair
There was no point in living
I fought
I wrapped myself in a bleak cocoon
Where I remained
The adult caterpillar
Began a slow
Fighting the shadows and choosing life
I bloomed...
I am a Seeker but no longer lost
Climbing out of the darkness
I face the light
I am a Survivor
I Am

© 2008 by Reba White

Soul Mission Statement- After I receive my answer, I am to create my mission statement, completing this sentence:  "The purpose of my life is..." then the author instructs me to keep writing it until my entire being is "vibrating with joy". This mission statement will be a foundation and the Universe will provide the energy and guidance I need to build upon it.

My Purpose in life is happiness.

Soul Mission Collage- Once I have my Soul Mission Statement, I am to create a collage that reflects that statement and resonates within me.  When I read this, my first mixed media painting popped into my head. It seems that I may have already completed this, or maybe that was my prequel?
For those of you that have been reading my blog, you may remember this from a few weeks back...

Some of my observations today, included: (1) birds chirping and singing cheerfully, including what I think was a small Gray Hawk perched at the top of a juniper tree. I couldn't see him very well, but his cry was definitely hawk  (2) a fuzzy black caterpillar scurrying happily along its way (pre-transformation), (3) a beautiful Spring day with a cool breeze and bright blue sky (cheerful).

My Collage
I didn't have many magazines so I used colored pencils and markers too.

My Purpose in life is happiness

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