Sunday, March 31, 2013

Soul Coaching, Days 3-5 (Air)

I blew my commitment to do my back stretches and one chore Thursday evening, but over the weekend I accomplished:

Friday (3) & Saturday (4)-
Semi-organized my working area (dining room) and my supplies in my bedroom
Cleaned living room
Straightened laundry room
Practiced my breathing

I also painted 3 minis (I focused on Autism and Down Syndrome), and had lunch with my Sis, then later we went and saw the new Oz movie.

Saturday (4)- I observed my thoughts and the things around me, I listed my faults and recognized how they were also my virtues, for example my stubbornness is also my determination. Then I listed my core beliefs, the negative and the positive such as: I'm happier single. I adopted this belief about 7 years ago after ending another abusive relationship and vowed, never again.

Sunday (5)- I evaluated the rooms in my home via the checklist questionnaire, and the objects in them using the "energy up/down" exercise and did an inventory of the rooms and areas needing de-cluttering and/or cleaning. My kitchen needed the most attention, so I spent time working on it.

I spent a few minutes outside enjoying the Spring weather and feeling the breeze on my skin and in my hair, the birds chirping, and the trees whispering. What a beautiful Spring day! The sky is clear and a beautiful blue, and the yard is covered in tiny purple flowers, dandelions, and the yarrow is coming back but hasn't bloomed yet; the leaves sure are pretty though. Unfortunately the little purple flowers didn't show up very well in the photo.



    The multi-color puzzle piece represents Autism.
Dandelions and yarrow leaves
Sandpaper Verbana (tiny purple flowers)

clear blue sky


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