Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 2 (Air)

Affirmation for the Day
"I honor my commitments to myself and to others."

Be even more aware of the Air around you, like the wind/breeze, the movement of trees, etc, the feel of the Air on your body, the clouds as they drift through the sky, and of course, your breathing.

Commit to Take One Empowering Action Daily
Choose one thing to do on a daily basis and make a "covenant" with yourself to keep your word. The author suggests that you write down your commitment and post it somewhere that you can see throughout the day as a reminder. 

These sort of things are challenging to me because I work full time and by the time I get home, I just want to veg LOL and it doesn't help that by that point in my day, I'm usually in pain and having difficulty moving around so I don't want to do anything, except maybe go to bed! 

My commitment is to take a 5-10 minutes each day after getting home, to do back stretches, even though they may hurt. I've got to keep doing these stretches! Babying my back isn't going to make it stronger.

What Are Your Values in Life?
  1. My family: treasure family time, stay in contact
  2. Attitude: counting my blessings and focusing on the Positive, happiness, healing through creativity
  3. Finances: live simply and watch my spending, feeling safe/secure, paying all bills on time
  4. Work/Career: good work ethics
  5. Spirituality: praying, breathing & meditation
  6. Health: eating semi-healthy, practice moderation, do stretches, daily meds
  7. Compassion
  8. Honesty

What Have You Been Putting Off?
  1. Cleaning house- I'm in pain and I'm lazy therefore I put it off
  2. Organizing- my living space is so small; I have no storage and I have stuff everywhere! How do you organize without storage space? LOL  this is a chore I absolutely dread; I automatically feel overwhelmed!
Again, the author says choose one thing to do TODAY to take action regarding the things I have been putting off. Ugh!  LOL  Alright, today I will do the dishes when I get home, and each day following I will do one chore. This makes TWO commitments, not just one. I'm already cringing LOL! I know, I know... I'm awful.

My Daily Commitments: 


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I've enjoyed reading about them...

    1. It's definitely challenging, at least for me. I'm a spontaneous person and trying to stick to a plan is damned hard, then adding activities into my day that are no fun at all, like de-cluttering a room or area, omg! I am not the cleaning/organizational type LOL of course being that I am lazy and hurting most days is also an added challenge. I'm enjoying the book though.