Saturday, March 2, 2013

Focus on the Good

Today (Saturday) was a low energy, yecky, blah day. Ever have those days where you feel like all your energy has been siphoned away... yeah that was today, but it is nearing it's end, and ... enough of this blah-ness! I will not allow myself to fall backwards, so I've decided to do something about it NOW. I need some cheering up! I choose HAPPY! I am going through my Pinterest boards while burning some Egyptian Musk incense, and it smells wonderful! Aromatherapy via incense! :)

I AM Happy. I have EVERYTHING I need. I willingly open my heart and my arms and receive all the Good that Life has to offer.  Tonight  I will sleep restfully and peacefully. My body will heal and re-energize as I sleep, so that tomorrow, I will feel Great and full of energy. I will wake up ready to face the day and I will be grateful. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day!

Some humor to make you smile :)

It is normal to have bad days and ho-hum days, but don't let these days bring up old negative ways of thinking. Beating yourself (or life) up keeps you stuck. When you find yourself mumbling insults at yourself (or other people, etc) stop! Instead, reverse your thinking! Find something positive to say instead. Build yourself up, and find something positive to recognize about the person or situation. Here's an affirmation for that:

"I enjoy new ways of thinking. I focus my thoughts and my 
words only on the Good, and in so doing I receive only Good in return."

Arms open, ready to receive!


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